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The Portable Neck Fan is a hands-free, bladeless fan that can be placed on your neck to send a subtle breeze without the need to carry a portable fan.


Designed without blades, it can be used safely by children and the elderly. It has 3 wind speeds with a long battery life.


It's also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. And it makes very little noise!


The compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go—the beach, the gym, or even on a plane trip! You can even charge it with a USB cable so you don't have to worry about batteries!


  • 60 Hakaze Fan
  • Ultra Silent
  • 3 Wind Speeds
  • Non-Toxic Material
  • Long Battery Life


RRP: $29.95

Portable Neck Fan

Excluding Sales Tax
Colour: Ice White
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