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Introducing the Oval Egg Aromatherapy Diffuser, boasting a market-unique size that's impressively large with a 230ml capacity container. Step into a world where the serene glow of LED colours meets the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. 


Boasting a unique oval egg shape coated in faux wood grain, this ultrasonic diffuser promises not just ambiance but an ultra-quiet oasis of relaxation.


  • Safety First: Auto shut-off when water runs low.

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: Silent ultrasonic oil diffuser.

  • Versatile & Elegant: Sophisticated faux wood grain.

  • 7 colour LED lights - for all ambient lighting

  • Humidifier

  • Nanotechnology

  • 1 year warranty


RRP: $38.95

Oval Aroma Diffuser

Excluding Sales Tax
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