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We been selling products in Australia & China for 8 years.



Excellent & Affordable

Australia & New Zealand Health Products Limited (ANZHPL) is committed to providing high quality health and lifestyle products at affordable prices. Many of our Pure Living products are sold under licence by many highly regarded consumer brands.

ANZHPL Products have been proudly selling products in Australia and China for 6 years. We are committed to providing high quality affordable products with long warranty periods.

Pure Living

ANZHPL sells high quality thermometers, blood pressure monitors, personal massagers, gun massagers, bandages and masks to Australian pharmacies under the brand name Pure Living.

Reliable & Trustworthy

ANZHPL is committed to being a trusted and reputable Australian Company that both pharmacists and customers can trust.

ANZHPL is committed to forging strong relationships with its retailers and suppliers. We believe in the importance of developing strong long term trading partnerships. As of May 2021 ANZHPL sells its health and lifestyle products to 700+ pharmacies across Australia. We are very confident that most pharmacies will recommend ANZHPL for their pricing, quality and service levels.

Wide Choice

The Pure Living brand is focussed on high quality affordable products that enhances a customer’s health and lifestyle. ANZHPL is constantly developing new Pure Living products to add to its portfolio.

Our Commitments
Our Brand
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High Quality Health & Lifestyle Products at Affordable Prices.

Trusted Pharmacy Supplier

ANZHPL supplies pharmacies with many products and when in store space permits we place these products in one of our merchandise display units. This merchandise display fixture highlights ANZHPL’s uniform packaging perfectly.

The Pure Living display fixture is located in more than 200 pharmacies. These pharmacies receive notifications first and often receive advanced notification of new products and pricing.

Sourcing And Quality

ANZHPL is able to source many high quality products from established manufacturers. We work with manufacturers that produce products to a high standard – not to a price. Whilst we realise that price is important we want to be known for supplying high quality products at reasonable prices with long warranty periods. We want pharmacies to be delighted with its service and wants their customers to be delighted with its products !



Level 8/ 167-169 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel:  +61 3 9640 0566/ +61 433 425 346


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